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The newest version of the app is here. It includes illustrated how-to tutorials for both new users, and downtown business district directors. Check out some of the screenshots below. Ready to try? Click here to download , and get started leveling the playing field in favor of Main Street.

0-Typical Ad0-Typical Event0-Typical Sponsor page1-Welcome2-Windowshop3-Specials4-Events5-Exchange wishlists6-Add photos of finds7-Scavenger hunts8-Browse any city9b-End of tutorial-back arrow10-Your GPS location11-Not on Main_Me yet12b-Benefits-Yourtown in your pocket13-Benefits-Saves you thousands14-Benefits-More foot traffic15-Benefits-Wishlists16-Benefits-Advertising channel17-Benefits-Games for discovery18-Benefits-Spoil sponsors19b-Benefits-Crowdsourcing20-End of Benefits21b-Getting started back arrow