Neighborhood Businesses Need Discovery First, Ecommerce (A Distant) Second

At Main and Me, our mission is to level the playing field on which Main Street competes with malls, big box stores and online retail giants. As it happens, the Main Street retailers we talk to are concerned about two things: 1) how internet shopping adversely impacts their business, and 2) what in the world … Continue reading

How Shopping Locally Saves The Last Minute Shopper In All Of Us

Once upon a time there was a (husband/father/boyfriend/son) who wasn’t very good at giving (Valentine’s Day/Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas/Mother’s Day/Graduation) gifts. So he tended to either not give anything at all (downplaying the importance of “silly” holidays), or to buy some terrible gift at the last minute that his (wife/girlfriend/mother) really didn’t want, often making her more upset. … Continue reading

If You Love Pinterest And Shopping Locally You’re Going To Love Main and Me

Pinterest is the unbelievably cool new web service that allows people to “pin” and share the beautiful, inspiring, practical and just plain unbelievable images they find on the web. Now imagine the same concept unleashed on the world of local shopping. Your wedding registry, your baby shower wishlist or your kids’ Santa Lists could be … Continue reading