Where National Mainstreet.Orgs Go To Offer Online Windowshopping And Wish-listing Of Their Downtown Historic Shopping Districts

Where National Mainstreet.Orgs Go To Offer Online Windowshopping And Wish-listing Of Their Downtown Historic Shopping Districts

Main and Me is the free, user-generated social shopping network where National Mainstreet.Orgs and downtown merchant associations come to “put their downtowns online.” That way they can offer online windowshopping and wish-listing of their downtown historic shopping district, and begin to turn the tide in the competition with Amazon and Big Internet Retail. Won’t you … Continue reading

Fixing The Future with David Brancaccio, BALLE and Main and Me

Have you seen the new David Brancaccio Film Fixing The Future yet? It’s about Main Street vs Wall Street, and it explores some of the best new models folks are using to reinvent their local economies. Best of all, the film features a virtual roster of BALLE’s own, including David Korten, Michelle Long, EF Schumacher, … Continue reading

Attract More Shoppers to Your Downtown Historic Shopping District With a Main and Me Tag Party

After uploading photos of local products and services to Main and Me, volunteers who wish to help attract even more shoppers to their downtown historic shopping district can log into http://www.mainandme.com and like, wish-list, comment on, and tag individual items. When two or more volunteers do this in the same room, you have a Tag … Continue reading

A Social Network 100% Dedicated to Promoting Local Independent Business

The elves are busy. The number of communities adding photo galleries of their local businesses to Main and Me before the holiday shopping season is growing. Who knew how many cool barbershops and tattoo parlors and yoga studios and boutiques-for-everything and (dare I say it, tasteful adult toys?) there were in America?? (Check for your … Continue reading

Top 9 Things You Can Do To Promote Your Main and Me Store Page or Community Page

Dear Merchants and Executive Directors: Now that you’ve created a storefront for your business, here are some things you can do to build on that momentum and take full advantage of the power of Main and Me. 1. PLAY! When you get a minute, go to your page and click on everything: images, buttons, especially … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons Why Main and Me Supports Local Independent Business Better Than Pinterest

Many merchants and Main Street associations are adding Pinterest to their growing list of social media must-dos. We think this is right and encourage businesses to take advantage of every channel they can to find new customers, but we also want you to know that we consciously designed Main and Me to support local independent … Continue reading

Why We Love The 3/50 Project at Main and Me

Congratulations 3/50 on 90,000 likes. 90,000!!?? A testament to your vision and the authenticity of your message. We are big supporters of the The 3/50 Project here at Main and Me. Such a simple idea, and so very wise about creating an actionable concept (3…50…) which captures the imagination and changes what seems abstract and … Continue reading

Another Reason For Local Merchants To Hate The Internet

If you are a local, independent retailer, you may be forgiven for experiencing palpitations when Amazon announced it’s Price Check app last year. To paraphrase their press release at the time: “We’ll give you $5 if you use our price-scanning app in brick-and-mortar stores this Black Friday weekend.” As described in a Dec. 7th, 2011 … Continue reading