Top 9 Things You Can Do To Promote Your Main and Me Store Page or Community Page

Dear Merchants and Executive Directors: Now that you’ve created a storefront for your business, here are some things you can do to build on that momentum and take full advantage of the power of Main and Me. 1. PLAY! When you get a minute, go to your page and click on everything: images, buttons, especially … Continue reading

Another Reason For Local Merchants To Hate The Internet

If you are a local, independent retailer, you may be forgiven for experiencing palpitations when Amazon announced it’s Price Check app last year. To paraphrase their press release at the time: “We’ll give you $5 if you use our price-scanning app in brick-and-mortar stores this Black Friday weekend.” As described in a Dec. 7th, 2011 … Continue reading

Neighborhood Businesses Need Discovery First, Ecommerce (A Distant) Second

At Main and Me, our mission is to level the playing field on which Main Street competes with malls, big box stores and online retail giants. As it happens, the Main Street retailers we talk to are concerned about two things: 1) how internet shopping adversely impacts their business, and 2) what in the world … Continue reading

How Shopping Locally Saves The Last Minute Shopper In All Of Us

Once upon a time there was a (husband/father/boyfriend/son) who wasn’t very good at giving (Valentine’s Day/Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas/Mother’s Day/Graduation) gifts. So he tended to either not give anything at all (downplaying the importance of “silly” holidays), or to buy some terrible gift at the last minute that his (wife/girlfriend/mother) really didn’t want, often making her more upset. … Continue reading