Founders Mary Pat and James Akers have always had a passion for vibrant small towns and dynamic urban neighborhoods.  In fact, they raised their children in three such places: Long Island City, NY; Summit, NJ and Great Barrington, MA, (a place Smithsonian magazine recently named one of the 20 “Best Small Town in America.”)

Each time they got involved with supporting the downtown business districts of their adopted communities, they became aware of three things:

1. That healthy, local businesses are not only essential for the service and convenience they provide, but are integral to the support of area non-profits from Little League teams and libraries to high school musicals and hospitals;
2. That these same local businesses lack the time, money and technical know-how to compete on the internet with malls, big box stores and online retail giants;
3. That a mere 10% shift in purchasing behavior from the internet back to Main Street will help sustain these businesses and the communities they serve.

Main and Me was created to help these local businesses address a simple disconnect: the world now shops visually online, yet fewer than 10% of local businesses showcase photos of what they sell online. As a result, even shoppers who would prefer to support their own Main Street businesses are unable to discover local sources for the products they research online.

Main and Me taps into the trend of mobile photo-sharing to allow shoppers to easily discover what’s for sale in the local, independent stores around them…wherever they are, whenever they want. As shoppers share photos, make lists and follow their favorite stores and communities, a portion of online shopping is shifted back to the neighborhood businesses our communities depend upon.

We hope you enjoy Main and Me.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Very cool site, but our entire downtown is missing. Clarksville, Virginia is actually Virginia’s ONLY lakeside town, and has many downtown shops and several restaurants. How can we add our entire town??

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