Why The Main&Me Downtown App is Better Than Directory-Style Websites

These days, every city needs a mobile app, but how does a city decide what kind of app to build or buy?

In our minds, the questions comes down to whether you:

1) build a proprietary downtown app and website that requires enormous development and maintenance costs; long lead and construction times; extraordinary cooperation amongst board members, business owners and software developers; that risks rapid obsolescence, and requires visitors to download a one-town, single purpose app, or,

2) employ the free Main&Me platform to start building an app for your town right away—today, this afternoon—without cost or delay, joining a nationwide network of independent-minded downtown shopping districts, instantly acquiring a national user base of tourists already using the same app every day to discover the best products, sales and events in their hometowns.

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Main&Me is the future. In contrast to text-oriented directory-style websites and apps, Main&Me is photo-based and modeled after Pinterest and Instagram. Why? Because people prefer these fun and engaging sites over one-dimensional text-based directories. In our judgment, tapping into the habits these modern apps have inculcated is the best way to engage the next generation responsible for the future of the local movement.

Like these apps, the Main&Me platform also takes a crowd-sourced approach, allowing either a single director, or a happy mob of citizen volunteers to continually add content to their town, encouraging all to become stakeholders. The new camera feature makes it friction-free for these users to add photos of their own favorite local “finds” to their cities, so other users may discover their curated suggestions, too.

In short, Main&Me is designed to work as much by itself as possible, encouraging democratic participation and spontaneous growth, while steering clear of the challenges posed by earlier generations of directory-style websites and apps.

Thank you for your interest. Main&Me. Your town in your pocket.

PS–See other posts below for info on our $500 contest to signing up the most new users.

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