With Free Main&Me as the App For Your Town, the World Can Keep Your Town In Their Pocket

“Teach a person to add a photo to Yelp…promote one restaurant for one day. Teach a person to add a photo to Main&Me…prepare your city for the mobile future”

— Mainard the dog (mascot of Main&Me)

Thinking OTB.001

Got a Main Streets program, or a shop local program, or a BALLE program, or an AMIBA program whose job it is to promote the independent businesses in your town? Trying to decide on the next step? Well, you could pay $15,000 for another soon-to-be-outdated website full of text links and no photos. And then you could pay another $25,000 on top of that to hire a local software developer to create a one-of-a-kind “downtown” app full of text links and…get ready for that phrase again…no photos. Or…and as we like to say, this is a BIG, HUGE, LIFE-CHANGING OR…you could just start building the world’s first free app for your town on Main&Me today, right now, no meetings, no red tape, just a handful of excited volunteers (to mention just one way) creating a free downtown shopping and tourism app for your town with their own cameras and feet, one store at a time, as easily as posting photos to a Facebook page (talk about your perfect scout troop project?).

Main&Me represents the next generation (as in, there’s currently just ONE of us) of mobile, photo-based downtown tourism and shopping apps (see screenshots of the app posted to Facebook on Wednesday, June 24th), so tourists and citizens alike can “keep your town in their pocket” and never be more than a tap away from browsing your city’s best products, sales and events…every day. (Apologies in advance to The National Enquirer, The Starr, and all the other distractions at the supermarket check out line).

Main&Me combines the power of Instagram and Pinterest (because that’s what all the kids are using…and the best way to capture their interest if the BUY LOCAL movement is to survive) to turn your downtown shopping “district” into an online and mobile shopping “destination,” placing all the products, sales and events to be found in your city at the fingertips of every iPhone and iPad user in the world.

Sound good? Want to learn more about how to win the easiest and most fun $500 you ever won?

Not so fast. We have one more point (and besides, you can see the details in other posts below, or just message us for more info): You see, the Main&Me app works by location, so it automatically customizes itself to whatever city you’re in, anywhere in the US of A. “But doesn’t that mean more competition for my city from other cities?” Well, that’s one way to look at it, or you could say, as we do, that every person in the world that downloads the app will be able to window shop your town, whether a) from the comfort of their living rooms (in their pajamas, of course) or b) as tourists in that perfect little Indie coffee shoppe that just opened on 3rd and Main, getting ready to start their day in your historic New England (or California) town, surfing their iPhones and iPads (Android coming soon!) to discover the cool things they want to see and do and buy in your city the rest of the day. (“Hey, Martha. You know that Main&Me app we use at home? It just automatically started working right here, in Asheville, too?! Wow, cool.”)

Like we said, its like Instagram and Pinterest combined, but 100% dedicated to the independent local products, sales and events in your town (translation: no malls, big box or national chain stores invited, and no baby pictures from second cousins–although truth be told, those were kinda good). If you’re curious what an app and website like that looks like, you can see the website at www.mainandme.com, and you’ll be able to download the newest version of the app (with Instagram-like camera feature!) in about 3 weeks.

So please: MESSAGE us…SHARE this with others, STAY TUNED for details, or just GET STARTED on your own, but please do something right now–it’s really not that hard, we promise.

Or…you could get back to negotiating with your Board over which local developer to choose to build your own proprietary (translation: it only works in your town) downtown app…and how in the heck you’re going to raise that $25K to cover it…and…and…

We’re waiting by the phone. 413-250-8800. Make the right call )

PS–Did we mention we added a “Your local sponsor” link at the bottom of the home page, so you CAN raise money for your org while giving that local bank in town a chance to really put their community development funds where their good intentions are?

(Take me to the Main&Me website) or (Take me to the ridiculously entertaining Main&Me Facebook page)

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