Why Downtown Shopping Apps are So Expensive and How You Can Win $500 and start using the Free Main&Me Downtown Shopping App

Well, we’ll be doggone if you think we’re going to stop offering you and your downtown shopping district the opportunity to win $500 in the easiest contest to come along since checkers! Just be the town to: 1) sign up the most new users and 2) use the www.mainandme.com website to start building your data for the world’s first free downtown shopping app for your town, all in time for the upcoming release of Main&Me v.3, and you’re gonna win it, by Jove.

Win $500 ads.002
Oh, go ahead and dog it, if you wish, but if you’re clever, and if you got a bunch of folks who love to support the independent businesses that support your town, then organize a Main Street posse and just get started. I mean, think about trying to bring your city into the Mobile Era all by yourself, what with all the decisions you’d have to make about who’s gonna design your app, and what its gonna look like, and how you’re gonna come up with $25K to $50K to pay for it, etc, etc.

Or…and its a BIG, HUGE OR…you could just start building an app for your town tomorrow–for FREE–using Main&Me. Heck, its your choice, but call us at 413-250-8800 and we’ll answer every question you could possibly have whule we sip a cool one on the porch. When you’re changing the world for the better, one city, town and neighborhood at a time, you can be mighty patient )

So come on! Put your town in your pocket. Get started with the FREE Main&Me downtown shopping app. It’s your town’s best new products, sales and events…on every iPhone and iPad in the world.

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