The new free Main&Me App: Your Town In Your Pocket

For those of you who don’t know, we have been partnering with the City of Boston and Roslindale Village Main Street to refine the Main&Me vision of “Your town in your pocket.” Here’s a draft of an upcoming press release:

February 17, 2015

Contact: Christina DiLisio
Roslindale Village Main Street
(617) 327-4065

Main&Me Shop Local App Takes Off in Roslindale Village
Leveling the playing field for small business advertising

Roslindale, MA – Roslindale Village is well recognized for the independent mom and pop shops that support this vital community. Now, villagers can stay up to date with the newest products, sales and events offered by these businesses with the new Main&Me local discovery app. The iPhone app is available for free download in the iTunes store and has been made possible by a partnership between the City of Boston, Roslindale Village Main Street (RVMS), and the Main&Me team.

Launched slowly at the start of 2015, the app allows every independently owned business in the Village to create a storefront gallery by uploading photos and descriptions of the goods and services they offer. These storefront galleries give the app a Pinterest-like feel, but it’s 100% dedicated to Roslindale local business. App users can then scroll through or search the galleries, essentially window shopping their favorite stores. Users can also elect to receive notifications of new products, sales and events available downtown. These notifications are geo-triggered by iBeacons throughout the Village, so as you walk, bike, or drive downtown you are likely to receive one. When shoppers arrive at a business to redeem a notification, the data is collected to measure the success of the campaign and help the business owner tailor their offers for best results.

iBeacon technology has become popular in the past year and has been implemented in ballparks, airports and national chains as a way of connecting consumers to special offers via the apps on their phones. RVMS hopes the same technology will help re-connect shoppers with the products, sales and events they can find on Main Street. In the words of Main&Me co-founders Mary Pat and James Akers, “independent businesses are the lifeblood of Main Street, but they have limited resources and its difficult for them to keep up with the way smartphones and apps are changing the way we shop. Main&Me addresses this future by collecting the products, services and events offered by the separate businesses in a town into a single app. iBeacon notifications then connect downtown shoppers with the latest and greatest offers in the businesses around them. For a business, it’s like having your own free app connecting you to both new and existing customers. For residents and tourists, it’s like having Roslindale in your pocket.”

To download the free app, search for “Main&Me” in the iTunes app store or click on the link below:

Store owners in Roslindale Village interested in creating an app storefront, offering events or specials, or seeking additional information about the Main&Me app should contact Christina DiLisio, Director of Roslindale Village Main Streets at (617) 327-4065.

2 thoughts on “The new free Main&Me App: Your Town In Your Pocket

    • Not yet, Colleen, sorry. App is being beta tested in Roslindale, MA only but will be available everywhere in week or two. Meantime please check out website if you want to get started putting your town online before the app. And of course call us anytime at 413-250-8800 for help. May I ask you where or how you heard about us?

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