You Can’t Buy What You Can’t See (An Answer To Converting More Local Shoppers)

Let’s be honest. Most of us have shopped at Amazon and Walmart, or taken our kids to the drive-thru at MacDonald’s. No one brags about it, but no one likes being shamed about it either. That can’t be the “Shop Local” message!

Posters-Cute Animals.011

But the world has changed. Main Street merchants have peered into the abyss and received the message. They have upped their service and lowered their prices to bring online shoppers back into their stores, but they’re still missing two critical things: 1) they can’t grab online shoppers’ attention in the critical moments before shopping decisions are made because it’s too expensive to maintain their complete inventories online, and 2) because Amazon and the other the big boys would still crowd them in Google searches even if they did!

But what if YOU, dear Downtown Director, (or YOU, the friend of a downtown director with whom we hope you’ll share this post) could put all of YOUR downtown independent merchants online in a single Pinterest-like web and mobile app dedicated to your town–so that online shoppers could browse everything for sale on your Main Street, and so that every time someone googled “shoes” or “clothing” your town began to show up in search as a shopping and tourist destination…on the SAME front page as Amazon? Then people would be able to discover local sources along your Main Street for the things they seek…BEFORE defaulting to Amazon! Wouldn’t that be Amaz-ING?

Before local disappears.014
Well, that’s the idea behind–it’s the web and mobile app built just for YOUR town. Sound interesting? Well then we could really use your support (or just your curiosity)! We invite you to learn more at our Indiegogo campaign page:

And thanks for your time!

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