Why Don’t People Shop Locally Online?

Every independent business owner and executive director of a downtown shopping district knows that a shirt or dress bought online from Fashion Bug or Old Navy takes money that could have been spent in your community (and could have helped generate jobs and economic recovery in your community) and ships it off to corporate HQ in Los Angeles, CA or Columbus, OH. But do we know WHY shoppers spend money online and not locally?


Well, our theory is that shoppers–and increasingly the digital natives who have never known there WASN’T something called online shopping– don’t bother to look online for LOCAL sources because everyone knows YOU CAN’T SHOP YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY ONLINE!!

Oh sure, there’s Shop Local directories, and hundreds of Facebook pages made by local shops in your area, and maybe Pinterest boards, and you could take all morning to visit each one, but then you have to jump from page to page and link to link, and that takes FOREVER and, well, as a digital native, you JUST WANT TO SHOP IN A FOCUSED OR SERENDIPITOUS WAY…like you can at your favorite online stores?!

Enter Main and Me. Main and Me was designed NOT to replace the awesome directories and FB pages you’ve already created, but to SUPPLEMENT them by allowing online shoppers to WINDOWSHOP your whole town. That’s right, we said Window. Shop. Your. Town. The same way online shoppers shop at Amazon and Target and Old Navy online now. Everything in one place. Everything searchable by keyword or serendipitously browsable by whatever makes you tick. Everything wishlist-able and share-able with your friends. Can you imagine a more compelling way to drive today’s (and future) online shoppers back to your local downtown shopping district?


So come join the newest way to support your local shopping revolution. Put your town online in a day at http://www.mainandme.com, and get our app at the app store:


Or if you don’t want to waste another minute, email us at james@mainandme.com, or call us at 413-250-8800 to learn more.

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