How To Bring Millennials and Online Shoppers Back Downtown


If you are a downtown director looking for the best way to promote local shopping, chances are your city needs a sustainable, affordable, measurable solution that brings new foot traffic to downtown businesses. To that end, the Main&Me downtown app incentivizes both shoppers and local businesses to act together to promote discovery of your city’s best products, sales and events.

Our mission is to give online shoppers a dead-simple and fun-to-use app that allows them to discover the goods and services they seek before defaulting to big online retail. The app brings new foot traffic downtown by encouraging users to:

  1. “follow”  favorite stores, neighborhoods and even other shoppers to receive emails when sales occur, or new items are added,
  2. like, comment on and share their discoveries (to build organic traffic and SEO for the neighborhood as a whole) and
  3. to make shareable wish lists and gift registries of their favorite local goods and services (to encourage viral recruitment of new users to the network).

The Main&Me mission is achieved in three steps:

1)  Through the use of individual- and group- photo-sharing behavior (think: Instagram and Pinterest), neighborhood business owners, shoppers, local evangelists and flash mobs are encouraged to upload photo galleries of local products, services, food items, etc. to storefront galleries for every neighborhood business.

2) Using automated location data and check-ins, Main&Me combines autonomous business storefront galleries from the same neighborhood into a location-based neighborhood portal where browsing and keyword search may begin (hence our tagline “windowshop your town online”) and where organic traffic and SEO to the neighborhood accumulates to the benefit of every business in it.  (Note: To maximize utility, each business retains its own URL and may be accessed either via the neighborhood portal, or browsed independently of its neighborhood.)

3) Shoppers and tourists are recruited (by PR and/or organic sharing) to visit the website and/or download the mobile app so that they can a) “windowshop their neighborhood online”, b) serendipitously browse independent neighborhoods they are either in, curious about or plan to visit, and c) search by keyword for local sources for the goods and services they seek BEFORE defaulting to Big Internet Retail.

The Main&Me local discovery platform may be accessed on any desktop, portable or mobile device.

The website is here:

The app is available here.

Hope to see you on Main&Me.

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