How BALLE, AMIBA, National Mainstreets, Local Firsters or Anyone Else Can Use Main and Me To Start Shifting Shopping Today

Main and Me is the free-to-use website that let’s you put your town online in a day, so you can begin to shift a significant portion of online shopping back to local independent business. It’s a year-round marketplace that excludes national chains while allowing online shoppers to discover what’s for sale in the brick and … Continue reading

A New Way For NELBF Members to Support Your “Shift Your Shopping” Campaigns

A New Way For NELBF Members to Support Your “Shift Your Shopping” Campaigns

Welcome, New England Local Business Forum members! This is a post about how Main and Me supports the New England Local Business Forum-branded “Shift Your Shopping” campaigns which many of you have implemented (with a nod of thanks to reader Imuromo for helping to make the title of this post more coherent!) Until recently, the problem … Continue reading