When Cashmobs Double As Photomobs They Benefit All Your Local Businesses Not Just One

Your cash mob is a precious resource. Why not turn it into a photo mob and leverage it to bring lasting benefit to ALL the stores in your town? Just ask your volunteers to bring their smartphones and digital cameras along to snap, caption and check in photos of storefronts and favorite merchandise as they go.

(Full disclosure: Main and Me is the fastest, easiest and FREE-est way to put your town online in a day so online shoppers will know what’s for sale in the brick and mortar stores around them–and stop defaulting to Amazon every time they buy a pair of shoes.)

To leverage the precious resource of your cashmob to double as a photo mob, proceed as follows:

If you are an executive director of downtown shopping (or organizer of the photo mob):

  • Notify your merchant members in advance that on such-and-such a morning, a cash mob doubling as a photo mob will be coming around to “put your town online in a day.”
  • Explain that Main and Me is free and there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing respectful volunteers to snap photos of storefronts and approximately 20 photos of merchandise in each business

A cash mob/photo mob member takes a break from putting her town online in a morning

If you are a cash mob volunteer doubling as a photo mob volunteer, “snap, caption and check in” your photos as follows. Either download the Main and Me app here (directions included), or use any digital camera to:

  • Snap flattering photos of each store’s facade, and up to 20 individual items inside that store.
  • Click here to see examples of both storefront and item photos
  • Return to your home base (or photo mob headquarters) & download your photos to your laptop computer (for the tech-inclined: make uploading faster by using Photoshop to compress photos to 800 pixels wide/high)
  • log in to mainandme.com, click the ADD PHOTO camera icon button, then caption and check-in photos (i.e. name them, price them, describe them, and tag them with relevant search terms) then select the store from where the photo was taken
  • at the end of the day, invite merchants to visit and claim the FREE store pages you and your fellow mobsters have just made for them. (Better yet, throw a town-wide party, show off your newly-minted Community Page and Store Pages, and explain how online shoppers can now windowshop and wishlist your town online! Better watch your back, Amazon)

If you are a merchant:

  • follow the link to your page (provided by the cashmob/photomob organizer) then claim your newly-minted page to edit, describe and tag photos and add more of your own. Afterall, weren’t you looking to give that sweet high school employee of yours more to do in the afternoons? 🙂
  • share links to your page with your customer email list so customers can begin liking, commenting on, following and adding things from your store to their seasonal wish lists and registries.

Well that’s about it for the lasting power of cash mobs that double as photo mobs. Call us 24/7 at 413-250-8800 if you’d like to learn more and we’ll personally walk you through it. We’re that passionate about making this happen.

To learn about the power of “tag” parties, click here.

To learn about the top 10 reasons why Main and Me supports local better than Pinterest, click here.

For more things you can do to leverage the power of Main and Me, click here.

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