Where National Mainstreet.Orgs Go To Offer Online Windowshopping And Wish-listing Of Their Downtown Historic Shopping Districts

Main and Me is the free, user-generated social shopping network where National Mainstreet.Orgs and downtown merchant associations come to “put their downtowns online.” That way they can offer online windowshopping and wish-listing of their downtown historic shopping district, and begin to turn the tide in the competition with Amazon and Big Internet Retail.

Won’t you come join us? Check out the amazing example of Tupelo, MS (kick-started by Tupelo’s Mainstreet.org heroes Debbie Brangenburg and Jessica Reed) as they prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Then help us complete our new design, scheduled for release by October 2012. We are soliciting your good ideas, those of you who are in the trenches:)

If you’d like to read more, start here with Top 10 Reasons Why Main and Me supports local better than Pinterest.

Or try this one on Why We Love The 3/50 Project.org

See you at the holidays!

New Main and Me Web Design for Supporting Local Shopping

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