Fixing The Future with David Brancaccio, BALLE and Main and Me

Have you seen the new David Brancaccio Film Fixing The Future yet? It’s about Main Street vs Wall Street, and it explores some of the best new models folks are using to reinvent their local economies. Best of all, the film features a virtual roster of BALLE’s own, including David Korten, Michelle Long, EF Schumacher, Evergreen Industries, Bellingham WA, ASBC and, of course, the BALLE philosophy.

As a long-time BALLE member, I was proud to be sitting in my favorite theater in Great Barrington, MA (home of EF Schumacher Society and Berkshares) watching the premiere with three hundred people who have not yet heard of BALLE! With luck, the film will help raise awareness of the issues BALLE’s leaders have been talking about for years.

BALLE–and the things we have learned from all of you–have directly influenced our vision of how the world could shop local online. Main and Me–the result of our research and hard work–is the FREE Pinterest-like web and mobile service that supports local living economies (to the exclusion of national brands and their Wall Street investors) by allowing online shoppers to find local sources for the things they might otherwise buy from Amazon.

We do this by making it as simple as taking a photo and checking it in to create an online gallery for your local business, then we automatically add your business gallery to a community gallery for the city your business is located in. We then allow online shoppers to search for, browse, like, comment on, wish-list and share their favorite local businesses, products and services over their favorite social networks.

IMPORTANT: We don’t compete with your existing directory…we complement it!

But don’t take our word for it. Join us here and start putting your city or BALLE network online today. It’s FREE, it’s 100% supportive of local independent business, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PS: We think David Brancaccio is going to love it when he hears about it.

Mary Pat

Main and Me …free online wish listing and windowshopping for your city, town or neighborhood…and every LOCAL, independent business in it.

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