Attract More Shoppers to Your Downtown Historic Shopping District With a Main and Me Tag Party

After uploading photos of local products and services to Main and Me, volunteers who wish to help attract even more shoppers to their downtown historic shopping district can log into and like, wish-list, comment on, and tag individual items. When two or more volunteers do this in the same room, you have a Tag Party.


  1. Volunteers with Facebook, Twitter or gmail accounts
  2. Snacks and beverages
  3. A party place with great bandwidth (to make internet faster)
  4. One online computer per person
  5. A printed list of categories and tags (optional)
  6. Creativity and a desire to grow your local shopping network.

Liking, commenting, wish-listing and tagging signal to Google and other search engines that there is important, organic social activity going on around the goods and services sold in your town, and that activity help the local independent businesses in your downtown historic shopping district prevail in Google’s ranking algorithms.

Here is a comment that a JDurfeld added to a photo of womens’ jeans from the Louisa Ellis Store in Great Barrington, MA:

“I love these jeans, and I love to buy local products, and I love Great Barrington! so thank you Louisa Ellis for sharing your wonderful women’s apparel! What a perfect birthday present for under $100!!”

That comment contains 7 (!) important SEO tags indexed by Google’s robotic website crawlers:

  1. jeans
  2. buy local
  3. Great Barrington
  4. Louisa Ellis
  5. women’s apparel
  6. birthday present
  7. under $100

Liking, commenting on and wish-listing are self-explanatory, but it may be helpful to think of tagging as reversing the search process, i.e. adding one or more of the universal ecommerce categories–e.g. “women’s apparel,” “men’s apparel,” “jewelry,” “home decoration,” “home furnishings,” “running shoes”–that an online shopper might use to try and find those items in search. (Click here for a list of popular categories and keywords that can be cut and pasted into the tag field.) To tag, insert your cursor in the tag field, then type (or paste in) the appropriate categories. When adding multiple tags, be sure to separate by comma.

Given that your town’s community page is the ultimate beneficiary of all social activity around the items in its network, you can see how this game works to the benefit of both individual stores and the town as a whole…or, as we like to say “All for one and one for all.”

Any questions? Email a founder at or call 413-250-8800.

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