A Social Network 100% Dedicated to Promoting Local Independent Business

The elves are busy. The number of communities adding photo galleries of their local businesses to Main and Me before the holiday shopping season is growing. Who knew how many cool barbershops and tattoo parlors and yoga studios and boutiques-for-everything and (dare I say it, tasteful adult toys?) there were in America?? (Check for your community below and if you see it, be sure to log on and “like” or comment on your favorite photos. If you don’t see it, what are you waiting for?)





Why does this matter? Because Main Street needs a hand these days, and http://www.mainandme.com allows merchants, local-passionate shoppers and community leaders to create instant search-enabled Store Pages for local independent businesses by simply snapping, captioning and checking in photos of the storefronts, products and services they want to proudly share with the world. Individual storefronts from the same city are then automatically assembled into a Community Page for that city, allowing:

  1. the world to see what an amazing place you live in;
  2. local shoppers to search for products near them, and;
  3. lovers of Main Street from anywhere in the world to like and comment on their favorite photos, and make 100% local-supportive wish lists and registries from local products, all of which can be shared over social networks.

It’s kind of like “Instagram meets Etsy”…or “Pinterest for local” (national chains need not apply) but 100% focused on promoting the local, independent businesses that form the backbone of Main Streets across America. Well, you get the idea.

If you’re already a user, get busy and add more stuff to your community page (Woot!). If you’re just learning about the world’s fastest, funnest way to promote your Main Street businesses to local shoppers and the world beyond, join the fun and log in right now. (Pssst…if you’re feeling lazy, call us 24/7/365 and we’ll tell you all about it:) We’re not kidding when we say “Main and Me lets you put your town online in a day.”

Oh by the way, if you see an elf, say hi. (You didn’t think they prepared for the holiday wish listing season by taking the summer off, did you?)

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