Why We Love The 3/50 Project at Main and Me

Congratulations 3/50 on 90,000 likes. 90,000!!?? A testament to your vision and the authenticity of your message.

We are big supporters of the The 3/50 Project here at Main and Me. Such a simple idea, and so very wise about creating an actionable concept (3…50…) which captures the imagination and changes what seems abstract and overwhelming into an achievable goal in the popular imagination. After all, isn’t it all about converting people at the margin? Meaning: we already know local-passionate shoppers are committed to the cause, so growing the movement should really be all about converting new shoppers at the cultural margin, right? That’s what the 3/50 Project does in spades–90,000 of them–so we say the more the merrier and our hats are off in admiration for Cinda Baxter.

As it happens, The 3/50 Project dovetails perfectly with Main and Me’s mission to help you “put your town (or store) online in a day.” 3/50 takes care of spreading the Word…we are a 100% local-supportive startup taking care of surfacing local goods and services so online shoppers know what’s for sale at their local, independent stores.. Seen from a merchant’s or downtown association’s perspective: We know merchants are busy (as all heck) so we make it as easy as snapping, tagging and “checking in” a photo of a product to kickstart a gorgeous online gallery for both the store and the community you’re in.

We hope you’ll stick around another minute or two and check out our posts on How Main and Me Works, how everyday registries can help local business disrupt Amazon, and how easy it is for communities to start using the Main and Me web and mobile app.

But if you’d rather create your own store or community page, start here.

One thought on “Why We Love The 3/50 Project at Main and Me

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