How Shopping Locally Saves The Last Minute Shopper In All Of Us

Once upon a time there was a (husband/father/boyfriend/son) who wasn’t very good at giving (Valentine’s Day/Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas/Mother’s Day/Graduation) gifts. So he tended to either not give anything at all (downplaying the importance of “silly” holidays), or to buy some terrible gift at the last minute that his (wife/girlfriend/mother) really didn’t want, often making her more upset. Even worse, he often bought that unwanted gift ONLINE, at the last minute, from a non-local source, at a more-than-local cost when you figured in overnight shipping!

If only he (see visual representation of species below) had known about Main and Me he would have known exactly WHAT his local-loving (wife, girlfriend, mother) wanted, and exactly WHERE to get it locally! Think of the time, money and relationship points that would have saved?? (Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more in the saga of the hapless male gift giver).


And don’t forget to try Main and Me here. With much love for local independent brick and mortar merchants (and everything they do for our communities), Happy Gift Giving!

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