Another Reason For Local Merchants To Hate The Internet

If you are a local, independent retailer, you may be forgiven for experiencing palpitations when Amazon announced it’s Price Check app last year. To paraphrase their press release at the time: “We’ll give you $5 if you use our price-scanning app in brick-and-mortar stores this Black Friday weekend.”


As described in a Dec. 7th, 2011 post to the Engadget blog: “No joke, it really will. All you have to do is walk into a retailer this Saturday, whip out your smartphone and use Amazon’s Price Check app to collect price data on in-store items…The campaign represents Amazon’s latest attempt to creep into the brick and mortar sector on the back of barcode scanning technology, and seems like a pretty clever way to bolster its mobile presence, while gathering intel on its competitors’ prices, as well.”

Really, Amazon? Really? As if local retailers needed another reason to hate Amazon and the internet. The bad news? Local retail is–and will continue to be–under siege by online (and now mobile) retail giants and the economies of scale (and sales tax loop holes) they enjoy.

The good news? Main and Me is doing something about it. We use the mobile technology in the palm of everyone’s hand to make it as easy as “snap, caption and check in” to put your store–or even your town!–online in a day, so you can sleep better knowing you at least took the first steps toward letting online shoppers see what you sell. We even make it possible for passionate shoppers to kickstart the process for their favorite merchants, so no one has to go door to door to convince store owners to “sign up” before local shopping online can become a reality. You can get started putting your own store or town online here.

We can’t solve the problem overnight, but we can get you started with a simple tap of an app, and bring a little hope back to the table. Let us know what you thought when you saw the Amazon announcement!

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