Just Snap, Caption and Check In Photos to Find New Customers

Right now, if you’re an offline specialty shop owner, you just want to use the internet to find new customers, but that means you spend a lot of time managing a website, a blog, a Facebook page, maybe a Yelp and Foursquare page, a Twitter account and an email newsletter, all with different passwords and ALL with very little to show for it. Why spend all that time managing content on five different platforms when all you really want–right NOW–is for new customers to discover the products you sell and come to the store in person to buy them!?

The idea behind Main and Me is to make online discovery of what you sell as simple as “snapping and sharing” beautiful photos of those products. It’s immediate (you can begin right now!) easy (use the app to share from your smartphone) and FREE to begin getting discovered right away. Just snap a photo of something you sell and share it to your Main and Me gallery. Main and Me then makes your products and your store discoverable, shareable and viral like never before by allowing web AND mobile shoppers to like, comment on and add your product to lists of things they love. That way their friends and followers can ALSO discover your store and your products, and start spreading the word–and your beautiful photos–far and wide.

Best of all, you can track who likes what, who shares what, and who adds what to their lists so you know which products people love…and which they don’t.

But enough about us:) What are the ways you cut through the noise of all the things you “should” do and get down to the business of finding new customers on the internet?

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