If You Love Pinterest And Shopping Locally You’re Going To Love Main and Me

Pinterest is the unbelievably cool new web service that allows people to “pin” and share the beautiful, inspiring, practical and just plain unbelievable images they find on the web. Now imagine the same concept unleashed on the world of local shopping. Your wedding registry, your baby shower wishlist or your kids’ Santa Lists could be put together from products you discover in your favorite local stores. Think of the benefit such a thing would generate for the independent retailers in your community!? Got it? Well, that’s Main and Me…the web and mobile photo sharing service that allows passionate Buy-Localists to put their entire community online in a day, then share and discover the best of Main Street…wherever they are.

For shoppers: find something you love in a favorite local store, snap a photo, caption it and check it into that store’s online storefront. Then watch while the products you’ve added are liked, commented upon and added to other local-passionate shoppers’ lists. At the same time as you are adding your favorites to Main and Me, local-passionate shoppers across the world are doing the same, making it possible for you to discover the best in local shopping wherever you are.

For merchants (including BALLE and AMIBA members): take those photos you intend to add to your Facebook page and Constant Contact newsletter and upload them to your Main and Me storefront. Then watch while your photos are liked, commented upon and added to the lists of both your loyal customers and a new world of local-passionate shoppers who serendipitously discover them–just like you discover things on Pinterest now. Imagine how useful it would be to know who loves what and who they shared it with? Just think of the ways you could reward your most passionate customers for sharing their favorite things and helping to attract new customers to your store. Got the picture?

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