The Four Simplest Things You Can Do To Start Promoting Your New Main and Me Community Page

Now that there’s a page started for your neighborhood, promoting it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Try these four simple things: 1) Copy and paste the link to your page into emails and newsletters to your board, your volunteers, your merchant members and your community followers and invite them to visit the … Continue reading

Why Don’t People Shop Locally Online?

Every independent business owner and executive director of a downtown shopping district knows that a shirt or dress bought online from Fashion Bug or Old Navy takes money that could have been spent in your community (and could have helped generate jobs and economic recovery in your community) and ships it off to corporate HQ … Continue reading

How To Increase Foot Traffic To Your City’s Neighborhood Businesses

If you are a downtown director researching online tools to help you promote local shopping, chances are your city needs a sustainable, affordable, measurable solution that maximizes resident and tourist foot traffic to its neighborhood businesses. To that end, the Main&Me web and mobile platform incentivizes both shoppers and local businesses to act together to … Continue reading